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Stimulating STEAM Learning with Fun 
As a local educational toy design and manufacturing company, 4M not only promotes the STEM educational philosophy prevalent in many countries, but for decades we have also been advocating the integration of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Creativity, and Maths (STEAM).

Recommended by Renowned Universities in the United Kingdom  
In 2006, Middlesex University in the United Kingdom collaborated with 4M to develop a series of engineering toys that were received by overseas parents and educators.
In addition, since 2015, the University of Cambridge has endorsed a series of scientific products for its “Science Festival” collection.

Recognition by Renowned Educational Organisations
Since 2004, 4M educational toys have been recognised and endorsed by the Science Museum and by the Natural History Museum in London.

Contribution to Nurturing Local Designers and Environmental Education
Our ongoing partnership with the Hong Kong Polytechnic University helps nourish local talent through internship and educational sponsorship programmes.  
Recently, 4M have also collaborated with the Hong Kong Polytechnic University to develop an Eco STEAM workshop that aims to educate local primary students about environmental protection, and its relationship to STEAM education. 

Industry Accolades
2012 Hong Kong Awards for Industries: Innovation and Creativity
The HKGCC Judging Panel provided these valuable comments on 4M: 
“4M is a showcase of SMEs on brand building, demonstrating the ability to distinguish itself as a brand builder from other OEM toy manufacturers. Although the play-and-learn concept is not unique, the Company is able to identify its market segment, dedicate the full efforts to establish its own brand name and product lines, and stay ahead of its competitors. Its success is driven by a passionate corporate culture towards continual innovation, proven by an introduction of numerous new products on an annual basis. 4M is also lauded for incorporating social values, such as social care and environmental protection, into its educational toys.”

In 1999, 4M launched the now iconic KidzLabs series, inspiring creativity through artistic interpretation.
In 2007, our collaboration with Middlesex University (UK) created our first Fun Mechanic Series. In the same year, we launched Tin Can Robot, the first in our Green Science series, and a pioneer in environmental educational toys.
In 2015, Green Science was recognised and honoured with the Oscar Award of design, a prestigious Red Dot Design Award, and in 2016 received a Gold A’ Design Award. 
In 2016, 4M launched AR Wonder – Dinosaur DNA, which has won significant awards, including a Silver A’ Design Award and three Hong Kong Awards for Industries (Technological Achievement, Innovation and Creativity, and Consumer Product Design). 

Social Care 
4M retain strong connections with society and see social responsibility as a key factor for development. As a caring company, 4M continuously support local schools and various charity organisations to help the underprivileged.
We have also worked closely with a number of international charity groups in relation to donation and cross-over programmes. We aim to provide real support for the needs of the third world, and to bring these to the public's attention.

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